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DALLAS (September 9, 2003) - Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith of Clear Direction, Inc., was granted Patent No 6,618,723 B1 for a business solutions product and a software technology. The software analyzes two different individuals' thinking patterns and then provides meaningful and useful counsel to each party as to how best to work and interact with each other. The analysis bases the distinctions between the individuals on their value structures (the consistent process that each person follows to evaluate, make judgments and make decisions). Those value structures are derived from the Hartman-Kinsel Profile, which is based on the deductive science of formal axiology and is proprietary to Clear Direction, Inc.

The patented business solutions product is called the "Team Directory," which is a manager's handbook about his/her team. It provides analysis of the diversity of the particular team, what management oversight this particular team needs, a synopsis of where and how to best direct his/her management attention, and how best to oversee and interact with each individual on the team. By analyzing the head of the team with each individual member of the team, the software generates counsel to the team leader as to how s/he specifically would best be able to work with each individual team member.

The patent also applies to applications of analyzing different individuals' value structures for improving personal relationships, communications, counseling people in therapy contexts, and for providing consulting and counseling services for people in business.

This patent represents a breakthrough in being able to personalize counsel. According to Dr. Smith, “All counselors and managers have biases that cloud their ability to effectively and objectively work with others, lead others, or give advice to others. This technology heightens the importance of each individual by removing the biases that people bring to their roles as managers and counselors. It also will enable us to make personalized and relationship counseling very inexpensive by utilizing technology to do what historically could not be scalable.”

Founded by Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith, Clear Direction, Inc. has been supplying law firms, corporations, and family-owned businesses with axiologically based products for professional development since 1995. Dr. Smith has been using this science for business and communications solutions since 1987 and was elected to the Board of the R.S. Hartman Institute for the Advancement of Formal Axiology in 2002. Clear Direction, Inc. as recently launched two new products to help individuals improve their self-understanding and career selection and two new products for businesses to improve team building and individual performance.

The patent filed in November, 2000 is Dr. Smith’s second. Some of Clear Direction, Inc. clients were part of this product’s design and are current users of this technology. They include: Club Corp, Goldman Sach's Archon Group, The Pinehurst Company, Crescent Real Estate Equities, Saxon Publishers, ReaLeadership,Inc., KPMG, and four regional law firms.

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