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Validation Studies
A compendium that summarizes twenty validation studies conducted on groups of people who took the Hartman Value Profile is available by clicking the download button below. This compendium is possible because of the countless hours and dedication of the researchers who did the work and because of the cooperation of their subjects. It is designed to serve as a general introduction and index to studies that prove the validity and reliability of the Hartman Value Profile.

This compendium summarizes studies that measured sixteen different aspects of the Hartman Value Profile. They present objective proof that the Hartman Value Profile is reliable, valid, and useful for applications in business, psychology, and human development. All of the studies described within this compendium comply with the American Psychological Association's guidelines for analysis of psychological instruments and follow industry-standard procedures for statistical analysis.
Table of Contents
The Hartman Value Profile
EEOC Requirements
· Age
· Sex
· Race
Face Validity
Construct Validity
Concurrent Validity
Construct and Concurrent Validity
Biomedical Validity
Predictive Validity
Criterion Validity
· Customer Service
· Sales
· Retail Management
· General Management
· Women In Management
· Criminal vs. Non-Criminal Study
Copyright Information

Why Validation?
Validating tests is the multi-faceted discipline that determines the accuracy, dependability and the consistency of an instrument with the scientific theories supporting it. Validation measures how closely a testing instrument's scores correspond to measurable behaviors or characteristics. It also establishes the reliability of the instrument, insuring that the nature of the instrument does not significantly affect the outcomes. The process of validating an instrument is compartmentalized with each different process measuring different aspects about the instrument.

Download the Validation Report
Download The Compendium of Validation Studies in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf), to view and print the report you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Download

To download the FREE reader from Adobe's website visit the Adobe website by clicking here.
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