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Testimonials of Clear Direction Products & Services

"As a management psychologist I have taken and studied numerous assessments in thinking patterns, emotional characteristics, and self-concepts. When I took the Hartman-Kinsel Profile at the insistence of a friend, I was truly amazed. It provided some of the most penetrating, accurate, and immediately helpful information I have ever received about myself. To my surprise, it is also very time efficient to go through the entire assessment process. I can and do recommend it to any serious individuals who are looking for developmental insight."
           Zenglo Chen, Ph.D.
           Management Psychologist, Motorola

"The Hartman-Kinsel Profile is the best tool an HR manager could ever have."
           Lori Rose
           Vice President of Human Resources, Saxon Publishers

"Dr. Bob Smith’s consulting with us, using the applied principles of axiology, has helped us achieve a greater understanding of each other and has assisted us in reaching our goals."
           Peter A. Woog
           President and CEO, Cable Systems International

"Dr. Bob Smith consistently helps us improve our understanding of our team members’ strengths and weaknesses to achieve maximum communication, resulting in the cohesiveness necessary to achieve our business objectives."
           D. Gilbert Friedlander
           Senior Vice President General Counsel, EDS

"To see my 20 year old daughter be able to get a clear understanding of where she is going was invaluable. And now, as she has pursued that career, her confidence has been unwavering, she is happy at work and has opportunities that otherwise would have been impossible."
           Mrs. N. Byrd
           Executive, Komen Foundation

"I took the Profile nine years ago and re-read my Profile report annually.  It was the most helpful training I have ever received, and we at Sara Lee go through every kind of training program!"
           M.B., Manager
           Sara Lee Corporation

"Tight labor markets and attrition have made the always important issue of hiring, training and deploying talent even more critical to my organization. The Hartman-Kinsel Profile is so easy to validate and use with confidence that it has gained enormous credibility throughout the company as a powerful and insightful hiring tool. The Zero Risk hiring software program is rapidly becoming a strategic component of hiring, assigning and directing the human side of our enterprise. It stands in a class alone as a simple, highly reliable and deeply insightful tool for making our most important organizational decisions. The email training and development reminders that accompany the Profile have made visible differences in the behaviors of many of our people. For us, the entire program has become indispensable."
           Greg Dresh
           Vice President Human Resources
           of a major U.S. corporation

"I've referred to my Profile at least a dozen times in the last week. It has given me specific ways to dodge the bullets my weaknesses fire. My wife said,  'I've tried to tell you this for years!' "
           Mr. B. M.
           International Company

Testimonials From Attorneys
"I'm not much of a proponant of psycho-babble, so I was very skeptical about this program. Now I have to commend Dr. Smith for his work on this instrument. The information about myselft and my thinking orientations is really useful and on target.
"The Hartman-Kinsel Profile has provided me very valuable information that has clarified issues for me and provided me with useful advice."
"Now that I have been familiar with and used this profile and system for more than eight years, I commend it to any person in a professional service role. The information can be difficult to understand at first, but after being exposed to it a couple of times, it really sinks in!"
"Getting our partners to greater levels of self awareness has resulted in their being able to work with people that they were previously unable to work with."
           Managing Partner
           Regional Law Firm
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