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Books by Dr. Bob Smith
Discover Your Blind Spots
How To Stop Repeating Everyday Business Mistakes by Dr. Bob Smith. An easy-to-read book that presents how everyone has blind spots and when those cause people in business contexts to make mistakes that they could otherwise avoid. This book answers the questions: When can you trust your own perceptions and when are you blind and likely to make ill-advised decisions and costly mistakes? Why do people act differently when you are not around and what can you do to avoid the problems this behavior causes? What common business practices regularly yield poor results and what can you do to stop these mistakes from being repeated?   Product Details
Book: Writing a Value Profile
This book covers; what a value profile is, a brief history of value profiles, the substantive differences between tools based on deductive and inductive sciences, how to write a value profile and an article on the problems inherent in the Hartman Value Profile.  Product Details
Getting Through
An easy to read "how to" book based on years of research and on the science of thinking. Getting Through outlines why people are defensive and how you can get your message through to a defensive person. Full of examples and specific steps on how to reduce defensiveness in others, this book is designed for busy business persons, for spouses and for parents. The research and applications were tested in Dr. Bob's clients, including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Comcast-Spectacor, Baylor Health Care System, and multiple law firms. It is the first in the Clear Direction Airplane Book Series. An "airplane book" is one that is useful and can be easily read in fewer than two hours.   Product Details
When Being Right is Wrong
An intimate story of two marriage relationships. This is the book for wives who live with husbands who fixate on being on time and who "just don't get it." When Being Right is Wrong is "the best way to get my stubborn husband to understand what I've been trying to tell him our entire marriage!" This is also the best book for wives who are always trying to change their husbands. Through the story they will see and understand that what they are doing is not loving. Husbands and wives will be able to "see" what they are doing through the lives of the characters in the book. This is the first book that applies the elements of the science of value to relationships and is the easiest way for a person to learn and apply these basic elements by seeing them used and clarified in the context of this pair of love stories.  Product Details
The Three Essentials
A practical guide to understanding the dynamic nature of people and how that understanding makes a difference. People do change, flex and differ depending on what’s happened before and what’s going on around them. The Three Essentials is filled with true examples from corporate businesses, law firms, and professional sports teams of how people are dynamic. From 38 years of team building, these principles have been found to be the key difference between failure and success in working with people.  Product Details

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