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Personal Profile Report

The Clear Direction Personal Profile Report provides you with an overview of your everyday and under-stress thinking patterns. It identifies your strengths, vulnerabilities to errors in judgment, and how you can develop more balanced thinking.  Product Details

This product is based on the science of Axiology and the validated and proven Hartman-Kinsel Profile. Become a better thinker; complete your Personal Profile Report today!

Price $150.00


Make Better Choices - The Personal Profile Report will help you minimize the unwanted effects of your natural thinking biases.

Have Fewer Conflicts - The information in this report will help reduce the likelihood that you will misunderstand others, and it will make you more aware of what causes problems or differences with others.

Gain Clear Direction - Your report will increase your awareness and provide guidelines for developing personal strategies on how you can be more effective when under stress.

What's Included

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