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Preparing to Interview Report

The Preparing to Interview Report is a customized report for people who are preparing to interview for a job. It provides insights and findings from research about the interviewing process about which most people are unaware, suggestions based on those insights and findings, and specific tasks that can help the person better prepare to interview.

The report is generated from the Clear Direction Profile, which the person does on line (approx. 20 minutes). The majority of the Profile is the same Profile used throughout the world for the past 12 years in industry, professional service firms, and professional sports teams to help their interviewers do better interviews and to help people to better understand their strengths and be able to grow in those areas that limit their strengths. An additional profile task was also developed and is solely used specifically for this report.

The first part of the report is about the key elements of interviewing that most people ignore. The second is about the person - how his/her natural, everyday thinking can work for success while interviewing. This personal part is the part that is based on the person’s rankings of the Clear Direction Profile. The third part of the report is a work sheet which directs the person to prepare for the questions that are most commonly asked in interviews.

In light of the serious need in our global economy right now, we have decided to price this product so people out of work can afford it: $45.25 (plus tax where applicable).

  • Gain a more accurate understanding of what outcomes are best from an interview.
  • Be reminded of things that you know are important but many are inclined to overlook or ignore
  • Get personal insight into your own thinking biases that apply to how you are inclined to present yourself
  • Get specific suggestions of "how to" and "how to prepare" that are chosen in light of your own thinking patterns
  • Get a head start by using the enclosed work sheet that helps you prepare for the questions that are most often asked in interviews
What's Included

The Preparing to Interview Report is typically 7 pages comprising three different sections:
  1. Two pages of general information about interviewing that most people either ignore or are not aware of
  2. Variable number of pages of explanations and specific suggestions for you based on your own thinking patterns
  3. A Interview Preparation Work Sheet which directs your preparation for the most common interview questions
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