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Development Packages for Personal Use
Clear Direction has unique products to assist individuals in understanding themselves and others. Their state-of-the-art reports employ the greatest technological advances to help people understand themselves and what they most need to be effective in their careers.
Clear Direction Products
Career Effectiveness Report
The ultimate career selection tool: This 20+ page report summarizes your thinking as it affects career success. It provides information on the types of work, the environments, and the levels of interaction with others that you need to be most effective.   More Info
Preparing to Interview Report
The Preparing to Interview Report is personalized help for people who have to interview for a job. Most people have ideas about interviews and how employers make decisions that actually hurt their preparation and their presentations. This report addresses those ideas and provides suggestions and helps specific for that individual.   More Info
Personal Development Program
A six month program designed to help users maximize the benefits of their Profiles. Each eLesson has two parts: a reminder and description of a thinking strength that the person has and a reminder about a thinking orientation that can be a problem. Each eLesson has exercises or specific applications for the user.   More Info
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