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Career Effectiveness Report

The Career Effectiveness Report provides specific and personal counsel for those selecting a career or considering a particular job. This 20+ page report provides descriptions of what you need for maximum career success and effectiveness. Product Details

This product is a personalized report that is based on the science of Axiology and the Hartman-Kinsel Profile. Become more aware of what you need most and what fits you best for a lifetime of career success.

Price $90.00


A Custom Report About You – Unlike general classes or books, this report is designed in light of you. The report is custom written to your thinking biases, strengths, and limitations.

Clarifies Career Characteristics – Provides clear categories and tools to help you determine what is best for you and what you ought to avoid. It clarifies how much and what kind of interactions with people you need, what characteristics of work are ideal for you, and what types of working environments bring out the best in you.

Helps You Know Yourself Today - Not everyone can think clearly about what career would be best for them. This report begins with a summary of how your thinking makes this process difficult or easy for you. It then provides practical suggestions as to what is best for you to do to maximize the effective use of the information.

What's Included

  • View a Sample
  • A review of your present state of thinking as it applies to choosing a career for yourself.
  • A personalized 20+ page report highlighting what is ideal for you in terms of your interaction with people, your work and the types of working environments that fit you best.
  • Summaries and a job-evaluation worksheet that provide clear outlines and steps for you to match any job considerations with your own personal "energizers."

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