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Biography of Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith

Bob goes from working with a Federal Judge on how best to proceed with a merger opportunity to working with the top nuclear engineers in the world on how best to manage their business.

The next day he might be talking with a professional hockey coach on how best to motivate a young player for a playoff game and then work with a managing partner of a large law firm on how to get senior partners to work effectively with each other and their young "millennial" associates with a goal to better recruitment and retention of young talent.

The next day Bob finds himself helping the head of the talent scouts for an NBA franchise assess a particular draft prospect and then walk down the hall and meet with the GM and coach on how to effectively motivate one of their players who does not seem to be giving his all.

The next day, Bob might be writing a book or a white paper for a client or teaching a group directors of a Big Four.

The industries are different.
     The formal schooling of his clients is different.
          The skills and abilities are different.

But every one of Bob's clients have one thing in common:

     their people must exercise judgment and perform at their best.

That is what Dr. Bob does - he helps his clients maximize their human capital.

Dr. Smith is Chairman of Clear Direction, Inc. a Dallas based company that specializes in professional development, team building, and executive advisory services. Dr. Smith is known for his proprietary development methods and materials that are based on the science of axiology, a science discovered by Nobel nominee, Dr. Robert S. Hartman. The products derived from this science provide state of the art information in human dynamics, decision-making, conflict management, and training and development. In recent years, Dr. Smith has become known for his confidential executive and professional advisory and coaching services and for the past ten years has primarily been advising C-execs, and Managing and Senior partners in professional service firms. In 1996, Dr. Smith completed the development of his proprietary software for the Hartman-Kinsel Profile. Multiple report formats are available from that software, including: Management and Employee Development (non-executives in business), Candidate Interviewing (Zero Risk Hiring System), Attorney Professional Development, and Executive Professional Development. In the past five years he was granted two patents for his software and in 2007 Dr. Smith's publications exceeded $ 2 Million in annual sales.

Dr. Smith's background addresses issues of human behavior and crisis management in business. In addition to a doctorate earned Summa cum Laude in human development and conflict management from Fuller Theological Seminary; Dr. Smith did post-graduate, honors studies at the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Business (where he studied under game theory Nobel laureate Dr. John Harsani); earned a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, Magna cum Laude; a Master Automotive Technician's Degree, Magna cum Laude; and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lafayette College. Since 1989, Dr. Smith has been a presenter at the Hartman Institute and in 1992 and 2003 was the keynote lecturer at the annual meeting of the Swedish Institute of Axiology in Stockholm. In 1980, Dr. Smith was named a Case-Study Fellow of Harvard's Graduate School of Business and Fuller Theological Seminary. He also had two of his cases published by Harvard (I.C.C.H.) in 1980, and five books: Balanced Thinking published by M.M. New Life in 1996, the award winning Discover Your Blind Spots published in the U.S. in 2004 and in Sweden in 2005, Writing a Value Profile and When Being Right is Wrong, in 2007 and Getting Through in 2008. In February 2006, Dr. Smith founded the Academy of Value Sciences, a public foundation for the advancement and application of formal value sciences.

Dr. Smith has been applying formal axiology to business clients' needs since 1987. He lives in Dallas with his wife. They have grown, twin daughters.

For more information, go to www.DrBobSmith.com

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