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Company Overview

Clear Direction, Inc. is a Dallas based producer and supplier of professional and personal training and development products. Founded by Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith in 1995, Clear Direction, Inc. has been supplying law firms, corporations, and family-owned businesses axiologically-based products for professional development. Since 1996, Clear Direction, Inc. has been providing individuals with programs by which participants can grow personally, relationally, and can develop a clearer understanding of the jobs and careers for which they are best suited.

By employing the technological and delivery advances of the Internet along with the objective and deductive properties of Formal Axiology, Clear Direction, Inc. has been able to develop inexpensive, state-of-the-art, personalized training that addresses the sources of wanted and unwanted behaviors. It is the passion of everyone who works at Clear Direction, Inc. to provide tools for professional and personal improvement that have lasting results. In order to fulfill this goal, Clear Direction is committed to identifying and addressing the sources of behaviors, not the symptoms themselves. Along those lines, Clear Direction, Inc. has consistently spent more than half of its annual revenues on research and development and in 1999 and 2000 developed two different training and development technologies that are both proprietary and patent pending.

Our Mission

To elevate the stature and effectiveness of people in their individuality in their professional and personal lives.

Our Methods

Our method is to integrate the significant benefits of Formal Axiology with online technology to provide the most effective, practical, and custom-tailored resources for people to improve their professional and personal lives.

Our method is to use and disseminate the language of Formal Axiology so that people can increase their effectiveness with one another.

Our method is to train and counsel business executives so their understanding and focus on their human assets is comparable to that of their attention to and command of their capital assets.

Our method is to provide tools that educate, serve as catalysts, and direct individuals toward more meaningful and effective communications with others.

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