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People are different. They do not look alike. They do not all sound the same. And they all think differently. Axiology is the science that studies how people think. Specifically, Axiologists study how people determine the value of different things. This is how individuals compare things and how those value assignments either represent or distort reality.
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Hartman-Kinsel Profile

The Hartman-Kinsel Profile is a set of five forced ranking tasks that is usually completed in less than 25 minutes. The Profile measures the sources of behavior and attitudes, not the behaviors or attitudes themselves. Since the Hartman-Kinsel Profile is based on Formal Axiology, it measures peoplesí thinking structures. These structures are the sources of personality characteristics, behavioral choices, and the mental maps for decision-making.
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The Dimensions of Value

Dr. Robert S. Hartman identified three dimensions of reality, which he called the Dimensions of Value. We value everything in one of these three ways or in a combination of these dimensions. The Dimensions of Value are Systemic, Extrinsic and Intrinsic.
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