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Professional Profile Report & Development Program

The Clear Direction Professional Profile Report & Development Program provides business leaders with a personalized report describing their thinking strengths, limitations, communication abilities, and problem solving approaches. Using a patented technology, the program includes a six month email-based development program.  Product Details

This product is based on the science of Axiology and the industry leading Hartman-Kinsel Profile. Become a superior performer; complete your Professional Profile Report & Development Program today!


Enhances Self-Understanding - Because each report provides participants with a detailed description of their own thinking orientations, participants become more aware of their own biases, strengths, and limitations. A more accurate self-understanding is the key to being able to use one's own strengths and enlist help in areas of weakness.

Provides Personalized Exercises - Just as a personal mentor prescribes training and development exercises in light of the professionalís own personal needs and situation, this training and development program provides personalized materials based on the leaderís profile.

Addresses Problems at the Source - Unlike other training programs, the Clear Direction Professional Development Program does not focus on training so you can avoid unwanted behaviors, it targets the thinking patterns that lead to unwanted behaviors. Therefore, it addresses what causes the unwanted behaviors in the first place rather than providing information about the unwanted symptoms.

What's Included

  • Online access to complete the Hartman-Kinsel Profile.
  • A personalized 60+ page report highlighting your strengths & weaknesses.  View Sample
  • 13 personalized training and development eLessons sent to your email inbox (over a six month period). View Sample

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