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Development Packages for Professionals
With the cooperation and advice of more than 10 clients, we have developed six packages of products that provide desirable and measurable solutions for business people. Each product package personalizes the counsel, analysis, or training by integrating axiology, technology, business sciences, and our clients' experience. Every product is scientifically sound, delivered electronically, and proven in real business and professional services contexts.
Performance Coaching Packages
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Team Building Packages
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Leadership Development Package
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Attorney Development Package
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Manager Development Package
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Individual Contributor Development Package
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Other Clear Direction Products
ZERORISK Hiring System
The best candidate-reviewing tool available. Reduces time spent preparing candidate interviews, directs your resume and reference checks and increases hiring success.
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Value Logic - How to Think More Clearly
The first internet delivered course in formal axiology, the science of thinking. Clear Direction, Inc. has chosen to offer this course because it is, "the single best course available for a person to develop a working and useful knowledge of axiology."
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